Vampire Defense Line

Vampire Defense Line

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We take Vampire Defense seriously.   Since the dark ages, vampires have roamed the dark corners of cities and terrified country sides across the globe, sucking the life blood from their victims.   While the are many apotropiacs to keep Dracula and his friends away, but it's well known that a wood stake will dispatch a Vampire once and for all.    Commercial ammunition manufacturers have long neglected this unique market, and we have embraced it passionately.  

Our continuing product development for unique defensive situations, we redesigned the 99.996% pure silver projectiles from our Werewolf Defense line.   We start with our solid silver projectiles, manufactured locally, exclusively for Minuteman Ammo Company.   We mill a hollowpoint projectile, adding a little length to the projectile to retain the total silver mass in each projectile.   We then take a Black Cherry core and epoxy it into the hollowpoint.   Each round is hand crafted to exacting tolerances, buffed and polished for reliable operation in semi-auto pistols, revolvers or carbine rifles.  We load them in Starline nickel plated brass.  All Silver Bullet Defense ammo is fully functional, live fire performance tested, real ammunition.  In testing, the silver projectile stays intact, with no deformation and performs similar to a solid copper projectile.   A 357 Magnum round will penetrate 30" of 10% ballistic gelatin, other caliber rounds have similar performance.  A single, well placed round to the heart, will easily dispatch a Vampire.  It is well known that regional subspecies can be destroyed by targeting mouth, particularly the Russian and Northern German sub species.  For the Serbian Vampires, the stomach is very susceptible.  Its important to know your prey its regional strengths and weaknesses.   From the Norse Draugr, the Croation spirit of Jure Grando, the classic stake through the heart is preferred.    Lord Ruthven, with all his vanity, the cloak provides no protection to the Vampire, more than obscuring your point of aim.  

Lackadaisical criminal law, no bail policies have made our streets ever more dangerous.  Vampires, Werewolves, and other predators have learned, a lax justice system plays into their predatory nature, so as a responsible citizen, you should be prepared for all potential threats.   

History is full of deadly vampire accounts, Petar Blagojevich and Sava Savanovic's notorious activites in Serbia.  Dom Augustine Calmet's, comprehensive treatise in 1751 titled Treatise on the Apparitions of Spirits and on Vampires or Revenants which investigated and analyzed the evidence for vampirism, as surmised by Voltaire.   Even in modern times, Buffy found full time employment in dispatching Vampires, pursing The Master 

Minuteman Ammo strongly supports the lawful and justified defensive use of the Vampire Defense brand ammunition.   We do not encourage proactive, Vampire hunting without proper tags, licenses, permissions to hunt and proper safety protocols.

This is ONE round, shipped a custom engraved rosewood casket.  ONE SINGLE ROUND of live ammunition.

All ammunition sales are FINAL.   We cannot accept ammunition back once it's left our custody. 

Please allow 5-7 days for packaging and shipping, as these products are purpose built in our exclusive Vampire Proof compound, by our dedicated staff of Munition Wizards.  

Mexico & Puerto Rico:  While the Chupacabra possess many of the same blood sucking tendencies as the common street Vampire, our product has not yet been field tested against the Chupacabra, too hard to find them up here.

Transylvania Sales:  Black market sales only.   But, you should certainly look into it quickly.      

Baltic States:  Your regional subspecies is acutely sensitives to Ash wood.  Upon your request, we can substitute ash for the black cherry.  

UK Sales:   Prior to placing an order, forward your MI-5 import certification, valid only with a wet signature from King Charles III.   NOTE: If you live in proximity of Highgate Cemetery, you order will be prioritized and shipped next day early AM.   

Michigan resident sales:  Vote in a new governor before she bans them.

Forks WA residents:  You've got a clear Werewolf infestation problem, and how many Vampires running around the peninsula, be prepared, order extra.   

California Sales: Vampires nah, its the politicians that are going to get you.   If you live in California the state laws require your ammo be shipped to your FFL. Please use their address for the shipping and make it  C/O the FFLs Business Name.  Tell them not to laugh, when you purchase 1 round of ammo and have it transferred via these stupid rules.

Santa Carla Residents - We got you covered, Lost Boys are nobody to screw around with.   Edgar and Alan Frog, remember to use your bulk discount code.

Illinois Sales: Your state government just doesn't like you.  If you live in Illinois, the state law requires us to get your FOID card and drivers license. Please send these to our email and we will get your # added to your account for future purchases.  Also, Chicago residents, highly recommend an investment in body armor or just move.   

New York Sales: New Yorkers, might have it worse than the folks from Illinois.  If you live in New York the state laws require your ammo be shipped to your FFL. Please use their address for the shipping and make it C/O the FFLs Business Name.   Again, ask them not to laugh at importing a single round.  

Connecticut Sales: Almost as bad as NY or Illinois, don't worry, you'll get there.  If you live in Connecticut the state law requires a handgun carry permit, gun sales permit, or long gun or handgun eligibility certificate, and an ammunition certificate and presents to the seller such certificate along with a driver’s license, passport, or other valid government-issued identification that contains the person’s photograph and date of birth. Please email these to our email and we will get this document on your account for future purchases.   

Massachusetts sales:  Y'all need these things.  You know vampires are never too far from a brood of witches.   If you live in Massachusetts the state law requires a license for the purchase or possession of ammunition. Please email these to our email and we will get this document on your account for future purchases.

New Jersey Sales:  Body armor, buy body armor, the Vampires are the least of your concerns.   If you live in New Jersey state law requires you to provide a Firearms Purchaser Identification Card, a permit to purchase a handgun, or a permit to carry a handgun. Please email these to our email and we will get this document on your account for future purchases.

Rhode Island Sales: If you live in Rhode Island the state law requires a license for the purchase or possession of ammunition, that seems really dumb. Please email these to our email and we will get this document on your account for future purchases.

Hawaii Residents:   Do they "let" you have guns, or even knives if you're outside of a luau? Not sure Vamps like the sun that much, so you're probably pretty safe    

Washington DC: We can't sell to you, your government is so trustworthy, they'll take great care of you.   "Hello, were here from the government and we're help to help".  If you place an order it will be canceled and refunded immediately.   Vampires aren't an issue, pretty sure most of the locals are already undead.   

Gun laws are ever changing, please make sure your aware of your states gun laws prior to purchasing. Any orders placed from the above mentioned states that don't provide the state required documentation within 24 hours will be canceled and a 20% restocking fee will apply.

All kidding aside, sales are limited to the United States only.   We cannot export outside of the USA.  Not our rules, but we do have to follow them.