Ammo by the Can

Welcome to the grocery aisle of our website.   This a new and exciting packaging format offering the same match grade, premium Minuteman ammunition, but in a hermetically sealed can.   

We have taken our high quality, match grade defensive munitions and sealed them in an airtight, waterproof, food grade can.   Each 14 ounce can is filled with our premium grade, live ammunition.   We have added a desiccant package, to keep your powder dry and used a safe-rim pop top lid with a plastic lid to reseal your ammunition.   Where else could you throw a package of your favorite ammo in the river, snowbank, sandbox, mud bog, the back of your truck or any other location, then pop the box and have clean, reliable, match grade ammo?  Heck, if you accidently drop a can of Minuteman ammo into a campfire, the ammo will still be safe to use, as long as you don't let it get too hot (we do not endorse or recommend or suggest throwing live ammunition, canned or not,  into a fire, ever)

Long term, shelf stable and easily stackable, this might be the best storage and transport system ever devised for ammunition.   Each can is shipped discretely in a Minuteman gift box, turned inside out.   It's brown for UPS shipment, but turn it inside out, and it's our classic red box.  Perfect gift giving, to your firearm enthusiasts whom have everything.  

We like to be different than other manufacturers.  Building a higher quality product and being creative with our product lines.   We may look a little different, but we hope you enjoy all the different flavors and humor we have brought to market.  

Parabellum Mushroom with Gravy - 9mm - 147 grain XTP, 980 FPS, 120 rounds

Split +Pea with Ham - 38 Special +P - 125 grain XTP, 1120 FPS,  80 rounds

Cream of Whoop Ass - 357 Magnum, 158 grain XTP, 1300 FPS, 75 rounds

Model 29 Callahan's Chowder - 44 Magnum, 240 grain XTP, 1400 FPS, 50 rds

Spicy Pickled Grizzly Paw - 10mm, 180 grain XTP, 1080 FPS, 80 rounds

Slow Cooked Blackout Beans - Subsonic 300 Blackout. 212 grain ELD-X, 1040 FPS, 60 rounds.

Moose Knuckles with Hard Beans - 45-70 Govt, 405 grain hard cast lead round nose (22 BHN), 1530 FPS, 25 rounds.

Carnivore Chowder Jurassic Style - 45-70 Govt.  350 grain hard cast lead round nose, 22 BHN, 1920 FPS, 25 rounds.

Prairie Buttered Bison Chunks & Bits, 45-70, Trapdoor safe 18K psi, 405 grain RN, 1500 FPS, 25 rounds

Browning's Original 1911 Homestyle Small Batch Jam - 45 ACP, 230 grain XTP, 880 FPS, 70 rounds

Creamed Coyote with Rice - 223 Remington, 55 grain BTSP, 2700 FPS, 60 rounds

Cowboy Chili Con Queso - 45 Long Colt, 255 grain SWC, 900 FPS, 50 rounds 

Stewed Wolf with Vegetables - 12.7x42 or 50B, 350 grain XTP, 25 rounds

Salted Mogadishu Gothic Serpent - 458 Socom, 300 grain JHP, 1850 FPS, 30 rounds

Talent & Speed Competition grade - 9mm, 147 grain Blue Bullets, 980 FPS, 120 rounds, 130 Power Factor. 

Skills with a Dash of Knowledge Competition Grade - 9mm, 125 grain Blue Bullets, 1050 FPS, 120 rounds, 130 Power Factor.

All munitions are made with new Starline brass, CCI primers, and Hodgdon powders.  They are small batch processed, machine built to tolerances that are 80% tighter than commercially made ammunition, for superior performance and consistency.   Each can is been packaged by weight, which is quite accurate, however some settling may occur during transit.  Round count per can vary by flavor.  Built and packaged by our ammo chef's in Skamania County, Washington.   

Disclaimer:  These are not actual food products, but live ammunition, please do not eat them.  Please do not cook the cans or expose to direct heat.   Please practice safe and responsible firearm usage.     

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